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27 March 2015 @ 04:02 pm
55 Multi-Fandom Icons  
Yep I actually made some icons!

♥ [04]The 100 ♥ [06]Eye Candy ♥ [08]Firefly
♥ [06]The Flash ♥ [07]Grimm ♥ [08]HtGAwM
♥ [03]iZombie ♥ [06]The Librarians ♥ [07]One Tree Hill


The 100

Eye Candy


The Flash


How to Get Away With Murder


The Librarians

One Tree Hill


Comments are awesome!
Constructive criticism is welcome.
♥ Credit glance18 NOT the community.

All icon posts are public but request posts are members only. I'm getting
back into making icons so I'll probably be taking requests pretty soon.

Adommy-Fangirl: Grimm - Seanbm_shipper on March 28th, 2015 03:57 am (UTC)
Yay, awesome. I was actually SO busy with work that I didn't even really notice who sent something in and who didn't *lol* I just worked and in between approved some users (like U) and such, but that's great :) Hopefully, this will be a good round :D
Jamieglance18 on March 28th, 2015 06:10 am (UTC)
Yeah I'm hoping that this is gonna be a great active community plus I love Grimm! I haven't made icons until now for over a year, so any active communities I can find the better.