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55 Multi-Fandom Icons

55 seems to be my magic number of icons. lol

(2)Allegiance, (2)Criminal Minds, (4)The Flash, (2)Friday Night Lights, (5)Grimm,
(3)In the Flesh, (10)Merlin, (2)Misfits, (3)Shameless, (4)Supernatural, (6)Teen Wolf, (2)The Vampire Diaries,
(1)The Fosters, (1)Smallville, (5)Bethany Joy Lenz, (1)Deborah Ann Woll & (2)Hilarie Burton


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BTS - 95z


New header & profile! I'm really happy with how they turned out so be sure to check them out. I figured a good way to get back into this community would be a revamp! Another way I'm trying to get back into it is participating in icon challenges, so if you know any good communities be sure to tell me and I'll check them out!

Also, at this point in the profile I said Bia and Sara are past members. The only reason I did that was because they are inactive and I have no clue whether or not they will ever be back. If in the future either wants to come back they are more then welcome to!
BTS - 95z


Hi. I have no clue what to even write here. It's been soooo long. lol Lately I've been in the mood to make icons again and I thought that I'd have to teach myself photoshop all over again but it's actually coming back to me pretty well. I guess it's like riding a bike maybe? Anyway ... I actually wanna make some icons! And I've actually already made a few HTGAWM (so freaking obsessed) ones ...

So if anyone wants to post some specific screencap links that they would like to have iconed just post me a link here & I'll do it!

Also, I'm on a new laptop & I no longer have all my pretty fonts so if anyone wants to recommend some of their favorite fonts it would be a huge help!
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27 Icons

Soooooo ... actually trying to make icons this year didn't happen. I don't know I sit down to make some and they just turn out blugh & then I start doing something else or have to go to work & I never get back to it. I wanna make them, I have various ideas for certain scenes/characters/etc. and it just never seems to pan out. Here's to hoping the new year will kick my butt into gear. I've gotten into quite a few new shows so maybe that'll help since some of them have very small fandoms & if I want icons I'll have to make them myself. lol Although I'm back to a big ol' clunky 800x600 monitor for now so my aspect ratio is off. Anyways ... here's what has been on my computer for a while now, figured I should get them out there before the year's up.

05 BtVS | 03 Misfits | 09 Secret Circle | 08 Vampire Diaries |02 Misc. (Hil Burton & Glee)


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Just put up a new & insanely simple header!

Anyways I've actually been making some icons *pats myself on the back* getting back in the swing of things. I don't have quite enough for a true post yet but here's a few of what I've been working on:

Please tell me what you think about the sharpening. On my computer it looks fine but I have a different monitor then I used to have & I'm not quite used to it yet. I like my icons crisp but not overly done.

*Also is it just me or has tinypic gotten really freaking annoying? Having to watch an ad just to get the stupid little special code.

Oh and if anyone wants to make any requests/leave images here feel free! The more the better!
BTS - 95z


Wow! Over a year since my last post! I wish I had better excuses other then not having an internet connection, then not having my own computer to then just having kinda lost interest in making them & livejournal as a whole. But, in the last year there are MANY new fandoms I'm into now and I'm starting to play around a bit again. Finally got a new computer a while ago & finally got around to getting photoshop again so I'm hoping to actually start making icons (while trying to get used to my new screen resolution) & being on lj more often.

Anyways, that's what's been going on with me. I'm not sure where the other makers have gone so if anyone is interested in being a maker here just say so and link me to where I can see some of your stuff & I'll get back to ya. It would be wonderful to have this community active again with a few new makers & myself.

Also if anyone wants to leave any caps, pics or whatever for me to practice on & most likely icon feel free! I have virtually none saved on my new computer.